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"Orthodox Canonical Tradition and contemporary challenges" INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE

Wednesday, 30 April, 2014

Volos Academy for Theological Studies organizes an International Conference under the topic "Orthodox Canonical Tradition and contemporary challenges» from 8-11 May, 2014, in Volos, Greece.
    The Canons, along with the Bible and doctrinal and synodical definitions, constitute a central pillar in the life and tradition of the Church, but without predetermining it. One can say without exaggeration that these three realities constitute the foundation upon which the Church marched through the centuries.

    The canons reflect and record the living experience of the ecclesial body, while in many cases they orientate it in overcoming or resolving issues which arise in its course through history toward the eschaton. Like any patristic text, each canon is derived from a particular era and reflects, apart from the temporal salvific experience of the Church, the cross-sectional characteristics of the place and time of its issue, thus forming a plethora of canonical rules in need of interpretation.

    The central question to be posed is whether it is inherently possible for Orthodox theology as far as it concerns its canonical tradition, to function not only as a "traditional" theology, staying steadfastly true to the letter of an alleged "tradition", but surpassing also as... a contextual one, the constructive elements and coordinates of a pre-modernist worldview, which is irrevocably past for the time of the Church. The question, therefore, is to what point, in the prestige that surrounds them, these canons keep their existential dynamics, to meet the demands of the increasingly changing world.

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