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Local Saints

Our land has the privilege of having given birth or offered hospitality to great personalities of saints of our church who comprise our boast. Such are:

The holy Newmartyr Apostolos, from the village of St. Lawrence of Pelion. He endured martyrdom in Constantinople in 1686 at the age of 16. Ιn his village a church is built after his name, his holy Skull is honored and he celebrates οn August l6th with the participation of all the people.

The holy Newmartyr Stamatios from the neighboring village of St. George of Nileia who suffered martyrdom in 1680. His memory is honored οn August l6th and relatively few people know it.

The Monastic Saint Symeon of one-robe and bare-footed who built the Sacred Monastery of Flamourion and died in 1594. His precious Skull is preserved in his Monastery.

Ιn Makrinitsa is the Monastery of St. Gerasimus. Saint Gerasimus who hailed from the Peloponnese built it and was a monk in it. He died in 1740. He celebrates on September l5th.

St. Gedeon was born in the village Glafyres, a little outside Volos and lived for many years in Velestino. He suffered martyrdom in Tirnavos in 1818, where his memory is honored οn December 30th.

Saint Lawrence is the founder of the Monastery named after him in the village named after it of Pelion. He celebrates on August 11 th.

St. Triantafyllos the Newmartyr from Zagora. He celebrates οη August 8th.

St. Damianos of Kissavos. Ηis hermitage is preserved on the mountain of the same name near the village Anatoli. He celebrates on February l4th.

St. Anthony the new in Veroia. He is honored at Ayia and his memory is celebrated on September 1 st.

St. Vissarion (1541) bishop of Demetrias. His memory is celebrated on September 15th.

St. Zinais and Filonilla, doctors, related to Apostol Paul.

St. Dionisios from Olimpos (1540). He built the Holy Monastery of Sourvia.