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Spiritual Life in Volos

Volos continuing a wonderful tradition offers a lively and rich spiritual life, which can satisfy history Iovers,music lovers and art Iovers. Spiritual meeting places offer their rooms for lectures, meetings and conversations of a high level.

Music Schools and conservatories transmit musical education. The Institute of Thessalic Research organizes presentations to the youth, while organized polyphonic choirs frequently give recitals both here and else where. Varying displays are frequently presented in galleries, especially of local painters and other artists, congresses are called and discuss various topics,and a polyphonic variety of ideas are crossed in our city. The functioning of the University furthermore, is a notable factor enriching our spiritual life.

Our local Church participates whole-heartedly in the spiritual movement of our city and area. Ιn the hall of its Spiritual Center as the focal point it organizes large and huge regular weekly gatherings to which the Metropolite usually speaks, it also welcomes many presentations of other groups of our city. Ιn the special hall of displays many painting displays and other kinds of displays have been organized which the people honor with its fervent attendance.

Under the guidance of the Sacred Metropolis a School of Byzantine Music, a School for Deaf and Dumb children, a Center for Family Support, an Advisory Station for Adolescent Problems run.

The Union of Christian Scholars, a Christian Social Association, the Αnti-smoking campaign the Christian Youth of Demetrias and besides a School for Parenting. Respective movements which are activated in our city are also assisted.

Our Sacred Metropolis circulates contemporary artistic pamphlets to inform for example about narcotics, about AIDS, about giving blood, which are subsidized by factories of our area and are distributed free.

Furthermore the Βyzantine choir of the Association of Chanters has made many appearances in the city and in the country, whereas the regular radio programs from the local radio Stations.

Frequent homilies occur in parish centers by experienced speakers, these same youth centers which we aim to built next to each parish, offer opportunities for meeting, for dialogue, for amusement for the children, and edifying activities.

We want our Church to be on the front line in the struggle for the development of the person. The yearly gatherings of groups of scholars, lawyers, doctors, educators, students and workers in general tend to the same goal. They are organized by the Spiritual Center, where the opportunity to contact and communicate with the Church is given to many people to discuss current problems.