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Wednesday, 13 January, 2016


"Magniton Κivotos", a cultural institution of Holy Metropolis of Demetrias, for the rescue of cultural reserve, successfully concluded the first "Thematic Year of Civilization" of 2015 with the title: "Magnetes and the Civilization of the Sea". Thematic Year already constitutes an establishment which delivers on the ambition of our Metropolitan Mr. Ignatios, in order not just to highlight the cultural potential both of Magnesia and Holy Metropolis of Demetrias but to serve the needs of the residents as well.

From this bulwark, His Eminence Metropolitan since he is the president of "Magniton Kivotos" summoned a body of associates, the members of the Board, who have carried out extraordinary action in the cultural affairs of the area. At the same time, he opened new communication channels and invited every institution or association sharing the same aspirations to contribute and make this purpose fulfilled. Thus, with vision, right planning and cooperative effort, the first Thematic Year has been realized referring to the Civilization of the Sea, thoroughly representative of our area. As a result, this initiative was greatly accepted not only from Magnesians but from "foreign" as well who had the chance to attend or be informed for the actions of the new institution

The operations review of the first Thematical Year has been abundant. Mostly because it constitutes the infrastructure for the future.  However, among the 56 cultural events that were held during 2015, an important number of people from different fields and serving different roles participated. Especially, there were 15 academics, professors and international artists who were drastically present at the events of the Thematic Year 2015 not to mention the hundreds of choristers, musicians, dancers, experts in visual arts and litterateurs who put their work on the table. Moreover, simple people from Magnesia and throughout Greece were prompted and had the chance to reveal their artistic talents. It has been a way to become contributors to the production of those cultural events. It is worth noting that "Magniton Kivotos" though they received many favorable comments for their work, mainly by post, they sought for observations-proposals from those who would like the improvement of the institution.

It is estimated that more than 7.000 people attended the events with the title: "Magnetes and the Civilization of the Sea". Particularly, the events were divided into a) speech workshops and literature soirees, b) exhibitions of photography and visual arts, c) concerts of musical groups, philharmonic orchestras and choirs, d) theatrical performances e) shows of traditional dancing groups f) publications and presentations of certain books, g) meetings of several institutions and open conversations, h) award ceremonies of personalities who contributed to the evolvement of our local culture and more. Furthermore, two educational programs were held in the grounds of the Conference Center (in Melissatika) with the participation of 5.000 students. In all the events, the entrance was free.

For all these reasons, the Board of "Magniton Kivotos" along with the working team that framed the whole effort would like to thank the Municipality of Volos for the excellent and multifaceted collaboration which was offered. Moreover, special regards are given to the cultural institutions and associations of our area, to the Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy, to the Ministry of Culture, to the European Centre for Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Monuments, and to all artists and educators who served the speech, the music, the dancing or every aspect of Art, during the Thematic Year.

Special regards are addressed to the personnel of the Thessaly Conference Centre who embraced this new activity of our Holy Metropolis with love, patience and support. Nevertheless, a great thanks to the volunteers and the Scientific Coordinators, coming from the Public Sector, who devoted their time, assessed the whole work and willingly became a part of our organization chart. 

Some useful notes follow below which will definitely constitute the base line for future Thematic Years: "The Prayers of August", the "Naval Week of Volos", the "local Choirs' Meeting" and the final "Pan-Hellenic Conference" in December. These events are going to be held every year since the collaboration with all the institutions of our area has been excellent, along with the perspective of perpetual improvement and the looking of talented people willing to show their talents to the audience. Among the positive facts, has been the decentralization of the events throughout the Metropolitan district (Ayia, Pelion, and Almyros) and an-academic standards- seminar on Education which was held. At this point, it is worth referring the important role of "Thessalia" Conference Center, a wonderful site with many facilities where "Magniton Kivotos" has held lots of their events.

Open invitation from "Magniton Kivotos" on Monday 18th January 2016, 7.00 pm, in "Thessalia" Conference Center in Melissatika

We would like to invite every person or institution that has participated in our Thematic Year in order to write down observations and notes in an activity report, and hereupon His Eminence Metropolitan of Demetrias and our president will honor them with memorabilia of our collaboration. "Magniton Kivotos" will be honored by the presence of our citizens who attended the events and supported our effort for the<< rescue and prominence of the cultural reserve>> of our area. Finally, whoever wishes, can assess our actions through the website of "Magniton Kivotos".