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"Thematic Year of Culture 2016"- "Magnetes and the culture of flavors"

Monday, 25 January, 2016

Open invitation for all associations and institutions of Magnesia district concerning the events and actions of the "Thematic Year of Culture 2016" and the 2016 Calendar titled: "8 Womanish Consortiums take us away..." Deputy Minister of Tourism Mrs. Elena Kountoura will be present.

 Saturday 30th January 2016, 19:00 p.m., in "Xenia" hotel, Volos

The cultural institution of Holy Metropolis of Demetrias "Magniton Kivotos, for the rescue of  cultural reserve", consistent to its initiative planning for the events and actions organizing, with the participation and cooperation of institutions from Magnesia and Agia, presents its annual scheduling with a new and interesting subject for the "Thematic Year of Culture 2016".

After the thematic year for the sea with the title "Magnetes and the sea culture", which was accomplished in 2015 and on Monday 18 January its operations review was held, an important subject follows in 2016 which is related to our area, to Greece, to Mediterranean Sea, to all cultures.

"Thematic Year of Culture 2016 is dedicated to flavors and has the title: "Magnetes and the culture of flavors".

The new 2016 subject comes as a continuation of the 2015 actions, proceeding the effort to revise important cultural components of the cultural reserve of Magnesia.

Flavors not only in Greece but throughout the world are related to the experiences, the memory and the moments of each individual, constituting simultaneously a ritual procedure. The most important moments in a person's life, such as birth, love, marriage and death, happen around a table. The culture of flavors as it developed through centuries is a long journey with concept and alternative perspectives which constantly change through time.  

Magnesia and Agia - as an area of Ministry of Holy Metropolis of Demetrias is abundant in products such as: herbs, fish, sweets, jams, honey, dairies, fruit, wines, oil, sausages, nuts, halva, juices, farmhouse pasta, products with protected Destination and Origin and many local products which are made in family businesses.

The culture of flavors in Magnesia is a combination of viands, culture and natural environment. Consequently, gastronomy, culture and the natural environment of each area constitute a unity that should be considered.

The "Thematic Year of Culture 2016", "Magnetes and the culture of Flavors" can evolve or form a reason for a local net to be created with paths full of flavors and culture, in which products, local services and actions shall be offered to the visitors as an unforgettable and unique gastronomic experience.

The culture of flavors and tourism should coexist harmoniously and constitute the pillars of our local development.   

For all the above reasons, we invited all the institutions of Magnesia from the grounds of the local government, associations, libraries, spiritual centers, local businesses of touristic concern, food businesses, consortiums, instructors, folklorists, historians, anthropologists and any active and interested citizen for consultation to the "Thessalia" Conference Center in Mellisatika, on Monday 18 October 2015. The above meeting was successful and everyone participated with proposals and ideas.

"Magniton Kivotos" presented the annual scheduling of actions and events for the thematic year "Magnetes and the culture of flavors". The representatives of the associations and institutions presented their opinions, thoroughly discussed about the thematic year and made their proposals.

The Board of "Magniton Kivotos" for the second year actualizes and promotes partnerships and synergies of associations, as a result of discussion with the associations of our area, leveraged the proposals and concluded to a program of events and actions.

Our planning will be presented to institutions and citizens, on Saturday 30th January, at 7:00 p.m., in Volos "Xenia"hotel with the presence of Deputy Minister of Tourism Mrs. Elena Kountoura and officers of the Ministry of Tourism.

We invite everyone to attend this important meeting and ascertain the significant effort which is done along with the developing dimensions of the action.

We hope that "Thematic Year of Culture 2016" will run "under the auspices" of Ministry of Tourism and our actions will be supported.