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  • Christmas Celebrations of the Holy Metropolis of Demetrias

    Monday, 21 December, 2015
    A very special Christmas event took place in the Spiritual Center of our Diocese, on Sunday 20/12/2015. The Christmas celebrations contained christian hymns, choruses, speeches, carols and theatrical plays. Responsible for the events was the Youth Office of the Diocese, with main supervisor the Archdeacon and Youth Office Manager fr Kallinikos Georgakopoulos.
  • Establishment of Greek school to Munich

    Thursday, 10 December, 2015
    The Metropolitan of Demetrias Ignatios, accompanied by representatives of the Greek Ministry, visited the establishing school in Munich, and got informed by the building technicians about the tasks and the time schedules of this great effort. Republication from: http://www.katixitiko.gr/  
  • Christmas love funding

    Monday, 30 November, 2015
    On December 1st the "love fund" shall start. Volunteer ladies will visit as many homes as they can, in oder to collect a a financial amount that will be given for the food offering, the family support, the elder people support, the imprisoned support, the social pharmacy, and many more efforts to help our brothers and sisters, during the economical crisis that we suffer.
  • Visit of Saint Charalampos Holy Relics in our Diocese

    Tuesday, 24 November, 2015
    A special blessing to our city is the visit of the Saint Charalampos holy relics to the Cathedral of our Metropolis St Nikolaos. On 27/11 the holy relics shall arrive, and remain to the church until 9/12. This great event is a part of the celebrations for the feast of our protector Saint Nikolaos, on 6th of December. During this period of time, many spiritual opportunities are planned to take place.   Full program (in Greek)
  • Event for parents - Conference Center of Thessaly

    Tuesday, 17 November, 2015
    From the parents celebration, Sunday, 15/11/2015 in the Conference Center of Thessaly, by the Diocese of Demetrias. Central speaker: Archimadrite Varnavas Giagkou, responsible for the Youth Office of the Holy Diocese of Thessaloniki with subject: "The cause of sadness and the reason of joy". At the same time with the conference, children were kept in other places of the Conference Center with creative activities.
  • International Conference: “Metropolitan Kallistos of Diokleia (Ware): The Witness of Orthodoxy in the West.”, November 20-22, Volos, Greece

    Tuesday, 17 November, 2015
        On the occasion of the reception of his Eminence, Metropolitan of Diokleia Kallistos Ware as Fellow by the Volos Academy for Theological Studies, an International Conference is organized in Volos (Thessalia Conference Center, Melissiatika), November 20-22, 2015 on the general theme: "Metropolitan Kallistos of Diokleia (Ware): The Witness of Orthodoxy in the West."     Metropolitan Kallistos of Diokleia (Ware) born in Bath, Somerset, England (1934), he was educated at Westminster School in London and...
  • Antiheretical speech to the Spiritual Center of our Diocese

    Friday, 13 November, 2015
    Our local Church organized on Monday 16/11, at 6.00pm in the Spiritual Center (K.Kartali-Gazi), an antiheretical speech, for informing people on serious heretical subjects. Speaker was Archim. Varnavas Lampropoulos, from the Holy Diocese of Nikopoli and Preveza, with subect: "The future of the world according to our Fathers. Modern prophecies".
  • The miraculus icon of the Panaghia Ksenia to the Diocese of Serres

    Saturday, 7 November, 2015
    The Holy Miraculus icon of Panaghia Ksenia, which is kept to our Diocese's Monastery of our Virgin Mary, will visit the Church of Saint Archangels in Serres, until Wednesday 11th November 2015, for the people to pay honours and pray.
  • Vitit of Saint Rafail to Volos

    Friday, 6 November, 2015
    The church of  Christ's Assumption will hospitalise the relics of Saint Rafail from Tuesday 10/11to Saturday 21/11. Everyone is invited to the spiritual opportunities that are programmed. The church will remain open for the people to visit from 7.30am to 1.00pm and from 4.00pm to 9.30pm
  • Archontariki TV broadcast "Memories from 1940-41"

    Wednesday, 28 October, 2015
    The TV broadcast "Archontariki" with the Metropolitan Ignatios with title: "Memories for 1940-41", with Mr Nikolaos Mprisimis invited (archive from 29/1/2006).  
  • A historical photo! 26 October 1994

    Monday, 26 October, 2015
    H historical photo, many years before, on October 26th 1994... The Ecumenical Patriarch Vartholomaios participating to the celebrating Holy Liturgy of Saint Dimitrios in Arvanitohori of Kasos. The Archimandrite Ignatios Georgakopoulos (Metropolitan of Demetrias at present) performs the Holy Liturgy with the deacon of the Patriarch Apostolos Daniilides, who is now the Metropolitan of Derkoi Geron.
  • Our National Celebration of October 28th 1940 - Celebrating event at the Spiritual Center

    Monday, 26 October, 2015
    Our great National Celebration of the Hellenic refusal to the outland army forces during 1940, shall take place on Wednesday October 28th. After the celebrating Holy Liturgy in the Cathedral of the Diocese Saint Nikolaos, the doxology  will follow at 11.00am, with the attendance of the our Metropolitan Ignatios and representatives of our authorities and forces. Afther the doxology accomplishment, the Metropolitan shall pray for the people who gave their life during the war. At 6.30pm a celebrating event shall take place at the Spiritual...
  • Memorial event for the confute of the Italian attack (1941): Colonel N. Georgoulas - Major D. Kaslas

    Thursday, 22 October, 2015
    On Tuesday October 27th, at 10.00am there will take place a memorial event for the resistance of two great army officers, N. Georgoulas and Dimitrios Kaslas, who managed to confute the Italian military forces who tried to attach our land on March 9th 1941. The event shall take place in the Conference Center of Melissiatika.
  • Orthodox theological perspectives on disability urge churches to be more inclusive

    Thursday, 15 October, 2015
      12 October 2015 A theological dialogue initiative offering Orthodox perspectives on disability has encouraged churches to address the issue with a renewed commitment. "The conversation on disability is not about some part of the church, it is about the life of the church as a whole," says Nathan Hoppe, who comes from the Orthodox Church of Albania. "Disability, therefore, needs to be reflected as a problem of the health of the church. In a healthy church all members pray and work together, they do not condescend toward...
  • Four music and one chorus group from our Metropolis

    Tuesday, 6 October, 2015
    In our Holy Metropolis four music groups have been established. The "child Chorus", for children 7-11 years old, the "youth chorus" for children from 12 to 18 years old, the "Adults Traditional music", for all people, men and women who love traditional music, and the "artistic adult chorus music". Responsible for all four groups is the musicologist Marianna Samartzi. Furthermore, in the dancing group the new academic year's blessing will take place on Thursday October 8th at 6.00pm. For more information you call Mrs Aikaterini Gkanetsa, tel:...
  • Presentation of the Nursery School new educational program

    Wednesday, 30 September, 2015
    With the slogan "The education begins in home and accomplishes in school, the educators of the Holy Diocese of Demetrias Nursery School presented the new educational program "The big artists in our small life" on Tuesday 29/9/2015 at Park Hotel. The presentation started by the speech of the Manager Mr Dimitriios Souliotis, while it was followed by the writer and kindergarten teacher Mrs Maria Petkanopoulou, and finished by fr Damaskinos Kiametis, Canon of the Holy Diocese of Demetrias.
  • New academic year for the Youth "Syndesmos"

    Tuesday, 29 September, 2015
    The Blessing of the new academic year took place in "Perasma" (63 Vassani st) on Sunday 23rd September 2015 at 20.30 by the bishop of Demetrias Ignatios. The bishop has the opportunity to speak with the young people, while he watched the program that was prepared about the summer activities of Syndesmos. Syndesmos is here again this year for everyone who has a spiritual pursuit, everyone who needs to offer, but also for entertainment like participating to traditional choruses, the radio programme, communication dinners, musical nights, movies,...
  • Exhibition of Byzantine art: "Sea and its civilization in orthodox faith"

    Friday, 25 September, 2015
    Conference with speakers fr Thomas Sinodinos and fr Stamatios Skliris Cultural Center of N. Ionia, Monday 28/9/2015 On Monday 28th September 2015, at 7.00 pm the Cultural Center of N. Ionia celebrated the beginning of its events by a Byzantine Art Exhibition, with hagiographers from Greece and abroad. Responsible for the event was the "Magnets Ark" Cultural Association and the Hagiography School of The Metropolis "By hand". For this event about 150 hagiographers were invited, were most of them replied by supplying one of two of their...
  • Catechism conferece - new Sunday School books

    Saturday, 19 September, 2015
    As the new Sunday School year began, the traditional opening Conference took place again in our Metropolis, with many speeches, thoughts and ideas for the catechisers. A new helper's guide was presented, while also the young people who contribute in Sunday School and other events had the opportunity to discuss, gain new prospects and have a glance at the Youth Office upcoming events of the following months.      
  • New page for the Holy Monastery of Virgin Mary in Lampinou

    Friday, 18 September, 2015
    On 18/9/2015 the Monastery of the Virgin Mary in Lampinou of Mount Pelion started to function again after many decades of being abandonded. The blessing of the first nun took part in the Monastery the same day, with much excitement and the attendace of many people and representatives of othe Monasteries. The blessing was accomplished by the speech of our Metropolitan Ignatios.
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