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  • Memorial dedicated to the 93 years after the destruction in Mikrasia

    Thursday, 17 September, 2015
    The great Memorial event dedicated to the destruction of Mikra Asia took place on Saturday 12th September 2015 in Cultural Center of Almiros, during the book presentation of George Papathanasopoulos "Days of apocalypse to Ionia, the tragedy of Greeks in Ionia 1914-1922".   Photography : Almyrosinfo.gr  
  • Official beginning of the "Peace Homes" - meal offering centers

    Friday, 11 September, 2015
    An event for the official opening of the Meal offering Centers of our local Church took place on 10/9/2015 in the church of Christ's Ascension in Volos, after the Vespels. The 27 Peace Homes of our Metropolis started to function again for the new missionary year. It is worth mentioning that a new Peace Home is being designed to open soon in the Church of Saint Gerasimos in Volos.
  • The Metropolitan of Serres in the Monastery of Saint Taxiarchs

    Tuesday, 8 September, 2015
    The Monastery of Saint Archangels celebrated the Chones Miracle of the Saint Archangel Michail. With the opportunity of this great celebration, the Metropolitan of Serres and Nigrita Theologos visited our Monastery and took part to the worship events. He had the chance to speak to the people who attended, and thanked the nuns for the great progress that the Monastery presented in such a short time and fr Antonios who is the responsible priest in the Monastery.
  • Accomplishment of the 4th National Youth - Sunday School Conference in Panaghia Soumela

    Saturday, 29 August, 2015
    On Friday 28/8/2015, on the accomplishment of the 4th National Youth - Sunday School Conference of all the Greek Holy Dioceses, a trip to Panaghia Soumela was organised, where a Holy Liturgy took place. After the Holy Liturgy, the representatives of all the Dioceses and the Metropolitans had a meeting, in which many results from the conference were talked about.
  • Gathering of school stuff by the local Church

    Wednesday, 26 August, 2015
    While the new school year is very close, our Holy Metropolis focuses on the family that face financial problems. In all the churches of the Metropolis and the spiritual center, school stuff is gathered, and under the responsibility of the Family Support Center all the things will be distributed to children.
  • The Association of the imprisoned "The Crossified" to Grevena

    Monday, 24 August, 2015
    On Saturday 22/8/2015 the "Crossified" Association of the imprisoned, sent to the prison of Grevena clothing support for the imprisoned who can not support themselves. More specifically there were gathered about ten big boxes of clothing, that were sent to the responsibles of the prison.
  • Celebrations of the Panaghia Ksenia Monastery

    Sunday, 23 August, 2015
    The protector of our local Church Panaghia Ksenia was honoured by the Diocese of Demetrias in the female monastery of Panaghia Ksenia in Almiros on 23/8/2015. The Metropolitan of Peiraeus Serafim who also preached took part in the celebrating holy Vespels on 22/8 with the Metropolitans of Vrestheni Theoklitos and of Demetrias Ignatios. During the same day, the Metropolitan of Vrestheni Theoklitos spoke during the Holy Liturgy, remembering his memories he earned of this great Monastery. Before the accomplishment of the Holy Liturgy, the...
  • The celebration of the Saint Kosmas feast

    Friday, 21 August, 2015
    The memory of Saint Kosmas is honoured on Monday 24/8/2015. In Holy Diocese of Demetrias, the church of St Kosmas in Volos celebrates. The holy Vespels will take place on 23/8 at 7.30pm, in which the Metropolitan of Velestino Damaskinos will preach. During the same day of the feast, the Archimandrite Damaskinos will take part to the Holy Liturgy and preach.
  • Celebration of the Virgin Mary in N.Ionia of Volos

    Saturday, 15 August, 2015
    The church of the Virgin Mary the Evaggelistria in N.Ionia celebrated the dormition of the Panaghia on the 15th of August. Many people visited the overcrowded church to pay honour to our protector Virgin Mary. The Metropolitan of Demetrias Ignatios preached during the Holy Vespels of the 14th of August, while during the same day he took part in the Holy Liturgy of the Panaghia Ksenia monastery in Almiros.
  • The Holy Miraculus icon of the grace Virgin Mary of Ksiniada to Efksinoupoli

    Tuesday, 4 August, 2015
    A very warm blessing to the people of Efksinoupoli gave the visit of the Holy Miraculus icon of the grace Virgin Mary of Ksiniada, from the Holy Monastery in Fthiothida. The Holy Icon stayed in the church of the Virgin Mary dormition in Efksinoupoli , from 7 to 9 August, with a rich program for the people to would like to worship and pray to Panaghia.
  • Publication of the informative e-leaflet "Eisodikon"

    Tuesday, 28 July, 2015
    On Tuesday 28/7/2015 the issue 177 was published. You may view it (in Greek) here .
  • Visit of the Metropolitan Ignatios to the camps of Saint Lawrence

    Sunday, 26 July, 2015
    On Wednesday 22/7 the Metropolitan of Demetrias Ignatios and the bishop of Servia Pahomios visited the camps that are hospitalised near the village of Saint Lawrence. Wednesday was the last day of the camps for the boys of the three first grades of the high school with responsible fr Kallinikos Georgakopoulos, while on Thursday 23/7 the boys of the last three grades of high school came, with responsible leaders fr Maximos Papaioannou and fr Konstantinos Rigas.
  • Meet of the Metropolitan Ignatios with an excellent student - member of the Demetrias Athletic Association

    Monday, 20 July, 2015
    On 20/7/2015 the Metropolitan of Demetrias Ignatios met Charalampos Kefalas, a student who achieved very high grades to the national entrance examinations to Universities. Charalampos managed to gather 19057 marks and our Metropolitan congratulated him for his efforts in the exams, but also for his athletic performance as a member of the athletic association Demetrias.  
  • The feast of Prophet Helias

    Friday, 17 July, 2015
    The feast of our Prophet Helias celebrates our Metropolis on Monday 20/7. The following churches of our prefecture celebrate:   Prophet Helias in Alikes of Volos city Holy Vespels on Sunday evening at 7.30pm, with the attendance of the Metropolitan Ignatios. Holy Liturgy on Monday with Archim. Epifanios Oikonomou as a preacher.   Prophet Helias in Ano Volos  Archim. Maximos Papaioannou shall attend and preach during the Holy Vespels.   Prophet Helias in Afetes Archim Christoforos...
  • Answers to messages of "Jehovah's witnesses"

    Tuesday, 14 July, 2015
    Due to the many messages spread to our Christians trying to convert them to other faiths, you are kindly invited to get in contact with our preachers or send email to us, in order you to be informed about all faiths that have may put you in thinking about what to believe. Answers to specific messages have been published by the Metropolis of Demetrias, in order to answer and help our brothers and sisters from being affected by people who even have financial advantages from our proselytism.
  • Memory of Fotis Kontoglou in Kanalia

    Friday, 10 July, 2015
    A very nice memorial event for the writer and hagiographer Fotis Kontoglou took part on Sunday 12/7, at 8.00pm, in the Byzantine church of Saint Nikolaos in Kanalia, memoring the 50 years after his death. The memorial program included prayers, speach, a recitation of one of his short stories,  and a projection of a movie.
  • First celebrations for the Saint Paisios

    Tuesday, 7 July, 2015
    On Sunday 12/7, for the first time there will be celebrated the memory of Saint Paisios from Mount Athos. In our city, Saint Paisios will be honoured in the Cathedral of Saint Nikolaos. More specifically, the celebrating Holy Vespels will take place on Saturday 11/7, at 6.00 pm, by the preecher of our Diocese archimandrite Epifanios Oikonomou. On Sunday 12/7 the celebrating holy Liturgy will start at 7.00am, and the vespels and prayers to Saint Paisios at 6.30 pm.
  • The holy icon of Holy Virgin Mary Korona in Volos

    Sunday, 5 July, 2015
    Our local Church did welcome the on 4/7 the Holy and Miraculus Icon of the Virgin Mary Korona, which is kept in the Holy Metropolis of Thessaliotida and Phanariofersalon. The icon was transfered by the Metropolitan of Thessaliotida Timotheos, in the church of  Saint Gerasimos . The presense of the icon to the specific church is for the memory of the Chruch blessing on 5/7/1992, by the Archbishop of Athens and all Greece Christodoulos .
  • The first camp period began

    Tuesday, 30 June, 2015
    On Monday 29/6 the Metropolitan of Demetrias Ignatios blessed the beginning of the first camp period in the camps of Saint Lawrence. The camp hospitalizes about 100 boys of the primary shool grades. Leader of this period is fr Ignatios Anagnostopoulos. The frist period finishes on Monday 6/7, when the girls of the primary school grades come, with fr Vasileios Adam as leader.  
  • Feast of the Saint Anargiroi - The holy Belt of Panagia in Portaria

    Monday, 29 June, 2015
    The feast of the Saint Anargiroi is celebrated on Wednesday 1/7. In the church of Saint Anargiroi in N. Ionia of Volos the archimandrite Athanasios Kollas took part and spoke in the celebrating Vespels, and the archimandrite Christoforos Kardatzis took part and spoke in the Holy Liturgy. The Metropolitan of Demetrias Ignatios took part and spoke in the Holy Vespels of Saint Anargiroi in Agia. The archimandrite Maximos Papaioannou took part and spoke to the Saint Anargiroi of Portaria . During the day of the feast, at 7.00 pm, the same...
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