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  • The Public Lecture delivered by His Eminence Metropolitan Ignatius of Demetrias at the London School of Economics on the “Orthodox Church of Greece and the Economic Crisis”

    Monday, 17 November, 2014
      On November 12 th a Public Lecture, organized by the Hellenic Observatory of the London School of Economics (LSE) , was delivered by His Eminence Metropolitan Ignatius of Demetrias, on the theme "The Orthodox Church of Greece and the Economic Crisis". The Metropolitan was introduced by the Director of the Hellenic Observatory Professor Kevin Featherstone, who also moderated the event. In his brief introduction, Professor Featherstone pointed out the relevance and the difficulty of the topic highlighting the important work that is...
  • Public Lecture by H.E. Metropolitan Ignatius of Demetrias On “The Greek Orthodox Church and the Economic Crisis” In London School of Economics

    Monday, 3 November, 2014
      On November 12 th a Public Lecture, organized by the Hellenic Observatory of the London School of Economics , will be delivered by His Eminence Metropolitan Ignatius of Demetrias, on the theme "The Greek Orthodox Church and the Economic Crisis". The Greek Orthodox Church is considered historically as a central pole of national identity, but it is also currently experiencing a revival of various nationalistic ideologies. The depth in which this Church is impacted by the economic crisis of the country and the way it responds to it, is of...
  • Volunteer Blood giving in our Diocese

    Monday, 27 October, 2014
    Our the church of Saints  Anargiroi in Nea Ionia of Volos, voluteering blood giving took part on Friday 31/10/14. This is an effort of the local church to help our brothers and sisters whom their life is in danger and need blood.
  • 600 citizens took shelter in the citizen support center last year

    Tuesday, 14 October, 2014
    The blessing of the citizen support center and social pharmacy took part on Monday 13th of October in the Spiritual Center of the Holy Diocese of Demetrias (Anth. Gazi & Kartali st). Our Metropolitan Ignatios blessed the new ecclesiastical year and spoke to the people who attended. Among the people who also spoke was Mr Tasos Mpatziakas vice mayor for social support, Mr Kostas Matsiolis, president of the Pharmacy Association of Volos, Mr Lazaros Gaitanis, president of the Lawyer Association of Volos, Mr Ioannis Konsoulas, president of the Notary...
  • Support of the Holy Monastery of Vatopedi to the Holy Diocese of Demetrias

    Monday, 13 October, 2014
    Once again, the Holy Monastery of Vatopedi from theHoly Mountain Athos, supported our Diocese, in the difficult times that people face. This time, our Diocese received 1000kilos of chicken meat. Especially the feeding center of the Cathedral Saint Nikolaos "Dos imin simeron", accepted about 500 kilos of chicken meat.
  • Blessing of the citizen support center and social pharmacy

    Friday, 10 October, 2014
    The citizen support center and social pharmacy will function for the 4th year. The basic aim of the center is to support the people who need help, advice, financial help or belong to special categories as poverty, unemployed, not insured, emigrant. The blessing of the center will occur on Monday October 13rd 2014, at 6 p.m. in the Spiritual Center, by the Metropolitan of Demetrias Ignatios. Representatives from many policians and associations with attend the blessing.    
  • Our brothers and sisters in Middle East call for awakening - Article of our Metropolitan Ignatios to the newspaper "Democracy"

    Saturday, 27 September, 2014
    In his article in the newspaper "Democracy", 27/9/2014, our Metropolitan Ignatios, highlighted the deep problem that Christians who live in Middle East face nowadays. The religious fanaticism is a very serious problem that has increased very much, especially in the countries with main religion the Islam. There are many cases observed with christian people tortured and killed violently, because of their beliefs. full article in Greek...
  • New scholl year for the Bicycling Section of the Athletic Association "Demetrias"

    Thursday, 25 September, 2014
    On Monday September 22nd, the International day without car, the bicycling section of the Athletic Association "Demetrias" organized a bicylce ride, with main purpose to show a different way of a life without car, and using bicyles more in our life. In this ride, mainly  students of the 4th and 15th primary schools took part, starting from the churches of Saints Peter and Paul of N.Ionia and Saint Konstantinos and Helen of Volos. On Saturday 27th September at 5:00pm is programmed the blessing of the new school year for the bicycling section...
  • The feast of the Holy Cross

    Monday, 15 September, 2014
    The feast of the Holy Cross was celebrated with greatness in our Diocese, on Sunday 14 September. During the Holy Vespels, the Metropolitan Ignatios took part and spoke in the church of the Holy Cross in the village Gatzea. During the same day of the feast, the Metropolitan took part in the Holy Liturgy at Saint Konstantinos ans Saint Helen of Volos.
  • Blessing of the Peace Homes in Almiros and Sourpi

    Monday, 15 September, 2014
    On Friday 12 September the Metropolitan Ignatios blessed the Peace Homes of Almiros and Sourpi, where people who are in need will be able to get their daily food. The blessing took part in the church of Saint Dimitrios in Almiros.
  • 15 years with the Feeding Center of the Holy Diocese: "Dos imin simeron"

    Friday, 12 September, 2014
    It has been 15 years ago (Sunday 12/9/1999) since the blessing of the Feeding Center in the cathedral of Volos Saint Nikolaos.  The name of the Center is "Dos imin simeron", from the Greek translation of the Lord's prayer: "Give us this day our daily bread". Since then, the center function 365 days per year, supporting about 180 portions of food.
  • The overcrowded monastery of the Virgin Mary in Trikeri

    Wednesday, 10 September, 2014
    On Wednesday 10 September the monastery of the virgin Mary celebrated the finding of the Holy and miraculous icon which is kept in it. The Metropolitan Ignatios visited the monastery and attended the Holy Vespels, during which he spoke to the congregation. During the same day of the feast the speech was made by the archimandrite Epifanios Oikonomou.
  • Feast of the Virgin Mary's Holy Belt

    Sunday, 31 August, 2014
    Photos from the feast of the Holy Belt of Virgin Mary, in the church of the Metropolitan chapel in Alli Meria. The Metropolitan of Velestino Damaskinos took part and made a speech during the Holy Vespels. Our Metropolitan Ignatios took part to the night Liturgy. A part of the Holy Belt was available during the Holy Liturgy for the people who attended. It is normally kept in the Holy Monastery of Panaghia Ksenia .  
  • Actions from the Holy Diocese's Social Help Station

    Monday, 25 August, 2014
    A very important work is done by the Social Help Station "Ministry", shown by the work history delivered to the Diocese by the responsible of the Station, fr Theodoros Mpatakas. "Ministry" is apparted by 30 full time volunteers and 10 part time. It functions every time in Volos city (G. Kartali 9 - Gladstonos), while it accepts offerings from 8.30a.m. - 12.30am. Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 10a.m. - 12.00a.m. it welcomes citizens who face financial problems. During 2013 it served abour 1450 people. Apart from help given to people,...
  • Metropolitan Ignatios: "Our Virgin Mary is the head of the Christian family" - The overcrowded Monastery of Panaghia Ksenia

    Saturday, 23 August, 2014
    The protector of our local Church celebrated the Holy Monastery of Panaghia Ksenia during the feast of the 23rd August . The metropolitans Ioakeim of Zampia and Malaoui, Damaskinos of Velestino, Ignatios of Demetrias took part to the holy Vespels on 22nd August. The Metropolitan of Demetrias took the advantage to speak to the overcrowded monastery, to which people visited from places of all Greece. During the same day of the feast the holy speech was given by the Metropolitan Damaskinos of Velestino.
  • Searching for freedom and equality - Youth camp of Syndesmos to the village of Saint Lawrence

    Friday, 22 August, 2014
    The camp of the Youth Association "Syndesmos" shown a great success again this year, while it hospitalized 55 people from many cities of Greece. From 16th -22nd August, these young people had the opportunity to rest, discuss their thoughts and problems, and live with other young people under the spirit  of true love and Christianity, in order to gain strength for the challenges and difficulties faced every day in their lives.
  • Oath taking of the new Municipal authorities in Almiros - Wednesday 20th August 2014

    Thursday, 21 August, 2014
  • The overcrowded church of Saint Apostolos in Saint Lawrence village

    Saturday, 16 August, 2014
    Crowds of faithful people visited the church of the miraculous Saint Apostolos during the feast of the 15th-16th August, in the village of Saint Lawrence. The Metropolitan of Demetrias Ignatios took part to the Holy Vespels on the evening of the Friday the 15th and talked about the great feasts of August, with the greatest being the feast of the Holy Virgin Mary. Our Metropolitan talked also about the life of Saint Apostolos, when as a child lived during the Turkish domination and sacrifised himself for Christ. During the day of the feast,...
  • Applications for the new school year of Byzantine Music

    Monday, 11 August, 2014
    The Byzantine Music School will function for the 68th year in the Holy Diocese of Demetrias. The School was established by Manolis Chatzimarkos, Professor and Chanter. The diploma is granted by the School after four years of studying and it is accepted by the Greek Government, for someone who wants to work as a chanter. The applications for the new school year 2014-2015 will take place in the offices of the School, which is next to the Church of Christ's Ascension, from Monday 1/9/2014. More information can be requested at the tels: 24210 61917,...
  • Evening event dedicated to fr Markellos from Karakallou Monastery of Mount Athos

    Thursday, 7 August, 2014
    Under the guidance of the Imprisoned Association "The crossified" and the council of the Church Panaghia of Pteleos, a very interesting event occured on Friday 8th August. After the Holy Vespels and prayers to the Holy Virgin Mary, followed the presentation of the book: "Small jewels from the sea God's love" which was published by "The crossified", a book which is referring to texts and thoughts of the blessed fr Markellos who was born in Pteleos and became a monk in the Karakalou Monastery of Mount Athos.
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