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  • Urgent help of the Holy Diocese to the social market of the Volos Municipality

    Tuesday, 29 July, 2014
    The Holy Diocese of Demetrias answered to the request of the vice mayor of the Volos Municipality Mr Apostolos Pantsas, in order to cover needs of the very important social structure of our city. Under the guidance ofour Metropolitan, there were supplied by: 50 kgs spaggeti 45 kgs pasta 30 kgs lentil 30kgs rice 20 kgs tomatoe sauce 20 kgs sugar 20 kgs flour In the Conference Center of Thessaly, in the Diocese's offices, there are produced daily about 190 portions of food, delivered to the Altsheimer Center (50), old...
  • Accomplishment of the 2nd camp period in the Saint Lawrence camps

    Wednesday, 16 July, 2014
    The 2nd camp period in the Saint Lawrence camps was accomplished on Monday 14/7. In this period 107 primary school girls took part, under the guidance of fr Vasileios Adam and his wife Lamprini. The last day of this period great celebration events were prepared by the girls, which were viewed by many parents and the Metropolitan Ignatios, who blessed the events and thanked the participants and the volunteers of the camps for their valuable help.
  • Visit of the Archbishop of Athens and all Greece Ieronimos to Almiros city

    Wednesday, 9 July, 2014
    The Archbishop of Athens and all Greece Ieronimos visited Almiros city unofficially, the morning of Saturday 5 July 2014. He blessed the chapel of Saint Athanasios the athonite in Platanos village, with the Metropolitan of Demetrias Ignatios. After the bleesing of the very beautiful chapel the Metropolitan Ignatios thanked in public the Archbishop for he visit, and the Archbishop blessed and talked mainly about the crisis in Greece.
  • Prayings for Manolis Pavlis,employe of the Diocese who died

    Monday, 7 July, 2014
    The Metropolitan of our Diocese and the employees gathered to the chapel of saint Christodoulos in order to prar for their kind colleque Manolis Pavlis, who recently died.
  • International conference of chanting

    Monday, 7 July, 2014
    The very interesting international chanting and musicological conference finishedthe afternoon of Thursday 3rd July. The title of the conference was: "The art of chanting as a unique science".  Responsible for the conference was the Academy of Theological Studies. In this conference 56 scientists took part, from 8 countries, while 3 speeches were taken online at real time through the internet  The videos of the conference can be viewed  here .  
  • The 1st camp period began in Saint Lawrence

    Monday, 30 June, 2014
    The Metropolitan of Demetrias Ignatios visited the camps in Saint Lawrence of mount Pelion on Sunday 29/6. Since Saturday 28/6 the first camp period has started with one hudred boys of Primary School ages, under the guidance of fr. Ignatios Anagnostopoulos. The second period starts on Monday 7/7 with the girls of Primary school, under the guidance of fr. Vasileios Adam.
  • Celebration of Saints Anargiroi - Blood donation in the church of Saints Anargiroi

    Friday, 27 June, 2014
    On Tuesday 1/7 our Church celebrates the Saints Anargiroi. During the Holy Vespels the Archimandrite Damaskinos Kiametis, the chancellor of the Holy Diocese will take part and make the holy speech to the church of Saints Anargiroi in Volos. During the same day of the celebration the Archimandrite Epifanios Oikonomou will take part in the celebrating Holy Liturgy and make the holy speech. Blood Donation The day of the celebration, until the afternoon our brothers and sisters will be able to donate blood in the Blood Donation Unit that...
  • 1st International Interdisciplinary Musicological Conference: "The Chanting Art as Autonomous Science"

    Thursday, 26 June, 2014
      A very interesting Conference on Chanting will be held at the Conference Centre of Thessaly, in Volos, Greece, with the support of the Metropolis of Demetrias from 29 June to 3 July 2014. The Conference, which is an international and interdisciplinary (involving researchers from many different disciplines) organized by the Department of Psaltic Art and Musicology of the Volos Academy for Theological Studies, which was formally established last September. The title of the conference is "The Art Chanting as Autonomous Science" as its main...
  • 6 day trip to Jerusalem and the Holy Land

    Thursday, 19 June, 2014
    Our Local church is planning a six day trip to the Holy Land in Jerusalem for 16-21 July 2014. Information about the trip program can be requested to the bookstore of the Diocese "Lichnos" (K.Kartali 160, tel: +30 24210 32916)
  • Visit of the Metropolitan of Demetrias Ignatios to Australia

    Monday, 16 June, 2014
    Our Metropolitan Ignatios is in Australia, after the invitation of our Greek brothers and sisters who live there. On Saturday 14/6 the Metropolitan attended the the holy Vespels in Belmore. On Sunday 15/6 he took part to the holy Liturgy in the church of Saint Efimia in Banktown. In the same Lturgy there were the students of the first grade of the parish college. On Monday 16/6 he visited the Archbishop of Australia Stilianos, where they discussed about crisis, the life in Australia and many other interesting subjects. It is programmed for our...
  • Help for the people suffering from the water flood in Servia

    Wednesday, 28 May, 2014
    The local Church of the Demetrias decised to gather human help, in order to help the thousands of our brothers and sisters suffering in Servia, from the water floods. All of us can help, gathering and offering products that may be needed, until 14th June 2014. More specifically the following products are the most needed: 1. General cleanings. 2.  Products for the personal cleaning. 3. Baby and old men dipers. 4. Clothing (soft trousers, underwear, socks, waterproff clothing, summer clothing, shoes) ....
  • The local church stands besides the National Exams candidates

    Friday, 23 May, 2014
    The local church has programmed many spiritual opportunities, in order to pray for the students who are going to take part in the National examinations for their entrance to the Universities and generally the higher education.   Α. Friday 23/5, 6.30 p.m. Praying to the Holy Virgin Mary to the church of the Virgin Mary birth in Fitoko 7 p.m. Praying to the Holy Virgin Mary to the church of the Saint Athanasios in Asteria of Agria  Night Liturgy 8.30 p.m. - 00.30 a.m. to the church of Saint Apostoles in Agria...
  • Celebrations for the Saints Konstantinos and Eleni

    Wednesday, 21 May, 2014
    On the May 21st our church celebrates saints Konstantinos and Helen. In a very beautiful church of our city Volos, by the sea, the celebrations took place with great honour and happiness. Many Metropolitans, preasts, politicians, representatives from the army and police took place, and mainly the faithful people of our city. In his speech, our Metropolitan Ignatios referred to the religious fanatism and how this can destroy a soul.
  • Press Release of International Conference 2014

    Tuesday, 13 May, 2014
      On 8 th to 11 th of May an International Conference was successfully held in Volos, Greece, organized by Volos Academy for Theological Studies on the general theme: "Orthodox Canonical Tradition and contemporary challenges." At the beginning of the conference the Director of Volos Academy Dr. Pantelis Kalaitzidis ( click here ), the Metropolitan Ignatius of Demetrias ( click here ), addressed the meeting, highlighting the importance of the topic, while Metropolitan John Zizioulas of Pergamon ( click here ) read on behalf of his...
  • International Conference - Orthodox Canonical Tradition and Contemporary Challenges *ALL VIDEOs*

    Sunday, 11 May, 2014
    Watch from our youtube channel the works of International Conference organized by Volos Academy for Theological Studies under the title: “Orthodox Canonical Tradition and Contemporary Challenges”, at the Thessaly Conference Center, on Thursday 8th of May 2014. Opening - Dr. Pantelis Kalaitzidis, Director of Academy for Theological Studies   Opening speech of H. A. H. Bartholomew, Archbishop of Constantinople, New Rome, and Ecumenical Patriarch, that was delivered by his representative, H. E. Metropolitan John of...
  • Blessing of nun in the monastery of saint John the Baptist

    Tuesday, 6 May, 2014
    During Thursday 1 May 2014, the nun Theokliti was given the great blessing in the monastery of Saint John the Baptist in Anatoli of Agia. Three years ago, our sister named "Clara", born in USA, was catechised and baptised by the name "Foteini". A year ago, during the third day after Easter, Foteini was blessed as a nun, by the name Theokliti. Now, given the great blessing of a nun, she asks for our prayings, in order to gain strength in her spiritual race.
  • The holy icon of the Virgin Mary of Trikeri visits the church of the Assuption of Christ in Volos

    Friday, 2 May, 2014
    The holy and miraculus icon of the Virgin Mary, which is kept in the island of Trikeri, is going to visit the church of the Assumption of Christ in Volos, from Monday 5/5/2014 until Saturday 10/5/2014.   During this period the church shall be open from 7a.m. to 1.00p.m. and from 5p.m. to 10p.m.
  • "Orthodox Canonical Tradition and contemporary challenges" INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE

    Wednesday, 30 April, 2014
    Volos Academy for Theological Studies organizes an International Conference under the topic "Orthodox Canonical Tradition and contemporary challenges» from 8-11 May, 2014, in Volos, Greece.     The Canons, along with the Bible and doctrinal and synodical definitions, constitute a central pillar in the life and tradition of the Church, but without predetermining it. One can say without exaggeration that these three realities constitute the foundation upon which the Church marched through the centuries.    ...
  • Sunday of the Apostole Thomas in our Diocese

    Monday, 28 April, 2014
    Our Metropolitan Ignatios attended the celebrations in the church of Saint Thomas in the village Aerino. Archimandrite Ioannikios Zampelis, from the Holy Diocese of Leykada and Ithaki made the speech.
  • Holy Vespels of the Deposition of Christ in our Diocese

    Friday, 18 April, 2014
    Durind Holy Friday, our Metropolitan Ignatios took part in the Vespels of the church of Saint Nikolaos. Later he attended to the Epitaph of the Volos Cemetary.
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