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  • His Eminence Metropolitan Ignatius of Demetrias: We will overcome the difficulties If we are united - His Interview to the newspaper «Taxydromos» on Sunday 24/04/2016

    Monday, 25 April, 2016
    His Eminence Metropolitan Ignatius of Demetrias gives an interview to TAXYDROMOS about all the current affairs, pointing out that the universal community can give solutions to the refugee crisis. Moreover, he analyses  the multifaceted social work of  the local Church and the initiatives being taken on the occasion of the informative campaign of the movement in which he chairs named:«We consume what we produce» so that the local products are promoted. Focusing on the local and international issues, he stresses that the recent visit of...

    Saturday, 23 April, 2016
      The liturgy of Panychida was successfully serviced, on Friday April 22, in the Church of Saint Dimitrios, in the Nea Dimitriada of Volos. The event was organized by the Holy Metropolis of Dimitrias and Almyros and the Department of Psaltic Art and Musicology of the Volos Academy for Theological Studies in collaboration with the Chanters' Association of Volos ''Agios Ioannis o Koukouzelis''. The liturgy was serviced by His Eminence Metropolitan Ignatius of Demetrias and Almyros and there were psalms by the Chanters' Choir of the Volos...
  • The new "Pliroforisis" dedicated to the Holy Week

    Thursday, 21 April, 2016
    The latest issue (March-April 2016) of the "Pliroforisis" newspaper is dedicated to the Holy Week.  In this issue the main writers are: The Metropolitan of Demetrias Ignatios, fr Dimitrios Katounis, Archim. Nektarios Drosos, the Monastery of Taxiarchs, Archim.Epifanios Oikonomou, Archim. Athanasios Kollas. You can read "Pliroforisis" here (in Greek).
  • Traditional Liturgy of Panichida

    Tuesday, 19 April, 2016
    On Friday 22/4, at 7.00pm in the church of Saint Dimitrios of Volos, there will take place the old traditional Liturgy of Panichida. The main chanters that will chant in the Liturgy will be Mr Konstantinos Karagkounis, director of the Chanting Association and Mr Dimitrios Katsiklis, philologist-byzantine music professor-head chanter of the Christ's Ascention church in Volos.
  • An item of the Holy Wood (Holy Cross) in the Metropolitan Temple of Volos

    Wednesday, 13 April, 2016
    It is a great honor and blessing for the Holy Clergy and the people of our Local Church to welcome and host an item of the Holy Wood in the Metropolitan Temple of Saint Nikolaos in Volos , which is safely kept as an invaluable treasure, in the Holy Metropolis of Edessa. His Eminence Joel of Edessa, Pella and Almopia will bring the item of the highly respectable Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ to the Metropolitan Temple of Saint Nikolaos in Volos on Friday 15/4 (service of the Akathist Hymn) at 6.30 p.m and it will be welcomed with proper...

    Wednesday, 13 April, 2016
    For a second time, the Prison Ministry Association of Volos the " Estavromenos" and the Social Help Center of the Holy Diocese of Demetrias "DIAKONIA", dispatch a sufficient amount of woman's and child's clothing to the Orthodox Church of Bulgaria, aiming to support the charity of the Holy Metropolis of Nevrokopi . A representative of the Holy Metropolis of Nevrokopi has received from the new premises of "DIAKONIA" in Volos (10,Thoukididou str) 65 big parcels in order to promote them to the neighboring country.  With the grace of God...
  • 1.000.000 ROMA were murdered by the Nazi - An Interesting Meeting for the holocaust of the Gipsy in Volos

    Monday, 11 April, 2016
      The unknown holocaust of the Roma by the Nazi was pointed out  through the Meeting, on the topic « The holocaust of the Roma - The unknown side of the European History », which was held on Saturday 10/4,  at the Rooftile and Brickworks Museum N & S Tsalapatas, in Volos. The meeting was organized jointly by the Holy Metropolis of Demetrias,  the Support Center of the Roma in Aliveri of the public welfare institution KEKPA-DIEK of the Municipality of Volos and the Workshop of Education and Communication in...
  • The social pharmacy supports the poor detainees of Korydallos

    Monday, 11 April, 2016
      Our Local Church dispatched  a large  amount of medicines, through the Social Pharmacy, to the detention shop in Korydallos, after a relative request by the Assistant Manager Mr Christoforos Giannakopoulos (17/2). After the dispatch of the medicines, Mr Giannakopoulos sent a letter of thanks (7/4) to His Eminence Metropolitan of Dimitrias Mr Ignatios, in which, besides other things , he points out: «We wish to express our  warm  thanks  of ours and of the detainees in our shop as well as our satisfaction for...
  • Father Stylianos Ananiadis fell asleep in the Lord

    Saturday, 9 April, 2016
      The late HeadPriest Stylianos Ananiadis reposed in the peace of God (9/4) aged 88 years old, who was an eminent clergyman of our Local Church, a veteran teacher and a prolific writer. The late Father Stylianos was born in Volos in 1928. He studied Theology at the University of Athens and worked for 30 years as a Teacher of Theology in the Junior High Schools and in the High Schools of Velestino, Zagora, Kanalia and Volos. Afterwards, he served as a lay preacher of the Holy Metropolis of Dimitrias, since 1974. After his retirement from...
  • Conference for heretical actions

    Friday, 8 April, 2016
    The 7th Hieratical Conference in the Holy Diocese of Demetrias shall take place on Tuesday 12/4, in the Conference Center of Thessaly. There will be covered subjects related to heretical actions. Full conversation will take place, in which our Metropolitan Ignatios shall attend.
  • Two day celebrations for the International Day of the Roma people

    Tuesday, 5 April, 2016
      On the occasion of the  International Day of the Roma people, the Holy Metropolis of Demetrias, the Support Center of Roma people in Aliveri of the public welfare institution KEKPA-DIEK of the Municipality of Volos and the Workshop of Education and Communication in multicultural areas of the Pedagogical department of the University of Thessaly , in the context of the local  support network   in educating Roma children in the city of Volos jointly organise  two- day celebrations. Specifically, on  Friday,...
  • Conference dedicated to the Archbishop of Athens and all Greece Chrisostomos

    Thursday, 31 March, 2016
    The Academy of Theological Studies organizes on Saturday 2/4 a conference dedicated to the Archbishop of Athens and all Greece Chrisostomos. In the conference, with title "Archbishop of Athens Chrisostomos Papadopoulos: Theology and eccleciastical life in the midwar", will be presented facts and details of his personality and great work. The conference full program is announced in the Academy's web page www.akadimia.org
  • National Remembrance day celebrations

    Thursday, 24 March, 2016
    A celebrating event for our National Remembrance day of 25th March, for the 1821 revolution of the Greeks against the Turk occupation, took place on Wednesday 23/3, in the Spiritual Center, with the presence of the Metropolitan Ignatios. The celebrating event contained the traditional chorus of N. Anchialos, under the guidance of Georgios Diamantopoulos and the Female Chorus of our Diocese, under the guidance of Katerina Ntonti-Gkanetsa. Our Metropolitan Ignatios closed the event with his speech.
  • The "Crossified" Association besides the refugees of Earino city

    Wednesday, 23 March, 2016
    In the place where refugees stay in the greater places of Aerino, the president of the Association "The crossified" fr Theodoros Mpatakas visited on 22/3 with many volunteers, in order to observe the situation and the needs. The "Crossified" at the meantime offered 80 blankets to the visitors.
  • First Sunday Easter Feast Vespels (Vespel of apology)

    Monday, 14 March, 2016
    The Metropolitan of Demetrias Ignatios took part in the first Vespels of the Easter Feast (Vespels of Apology), at 13/3/16, in the church of Christ's Ascention in Volos. At the end of the Vespels, the Metropolitan made a holy speech.
  • Volunteer blood-giving in our Metropolis

    Thursday, 10 March, 2016
    On Friday 18/3, from 6.00-8.00p.m., at the church of Saints Anargiroi, there will take place volunteering blood-giving. Knowing that blood is very important and the resources are very low, everone is kindly requested to joing this effort.
  • The "Crossified" and the "Mission" stays besides the 650 imprisoned of the Larisa prisons

    Wednesday, 9 March, 2016
    Volunteers of the "Crossified" Association and the Social Help Association "Mission" of the Holy Ciocese of Demetrias, transfered at 7/3/2016 shoes, blankets, Spring clothing and more supporting stuff for the 650 imprisoned of the Larisa prisons. All the volunteers and the people who support and supply with whatever they can, are very kindly thanked, because although the economical crisis of our country, the helping and offering continues to show the love to our brothers and sisters.
  • Preachy Divine Liturgy and Group Baptism in Argalasti

    Tuesday, 1 March, 2016
          His Eminence Metropolitan of Demetrias Mr. Ignatius serviced a liturgy on Tuesday 1/3 in the Holy Church of St. Apostles of Argalasti for the teachers and the students of General Lyceum of Argalasti, within the framework of Preachy Liturgies for the students of our Metropolitan district.     During the Divine Liturgy, His Eminence also serviced the Mystery of Baptism to 4 students of the school, giving moments of emotion and joy to everyone. The students had been preached and properly prepared by their...
  • Support to the refugees

    Monday, 29 February, 2016
    On Thursday 25/2, the associations “Estavromenos” and the Center of Social Help of Holy Metropolis of Demetrias “Diakonia” organized a new humanitarian mission of support for a group of refugees that stayed overnight in an organized parking along the National road, in the area of Sourpi,Almiros. A group of (250-300) refugees from Syria, with destination the boarders of Greece with FYROM, was led by the Police to the parking so as the bus drivers and the passengers-mostly women and children- get some rest. Men should sleep in the out-door...
  • Conference for new parents and families

    Tuesday, 23 February, 2016
    On Sunday 28/2 our local Church organizes a conference dedicated to family. The event will take place in the Conference Center of Thessaly, at 11.00am, with speakers fr Spiridon Tsimouri, Teacher-Theologian, Mrs Katerina Diamantopoulou, Teacher-Writer and Mr Ilias Liamis, teacher-Writer. The speakers will analyze the subject: "Two drops of courage for parents". At the same time with the conference the children of the participants will have the opportunity to take place in creative activities. Lunch will follow after the conference.
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